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Hi, I'm Cindy Wargo a 500-hour certified yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Reiki practitioner, Certified Card Reader, and owner of I've been practicing yoga in Northern Virginia since 2001, and teaching regularly since 2006. 

As a former owner of Sacred Well Yoga Studio, I believe in the power of an in-person experience. However, I am so grateful to be able to create a virtual classroom for those who have moved away or simply can't make it to my in-person classes and workshops. My in-person classes and workshops are at Sun and Moon Yoga Studio in Arlington, btw, if you want to join me there. 


I was originally drawn to yoga because I loved stretching after a run (actually the only part I liked about running was the stretching after), and my understanding was yoga was a class full of stretching. However, for me, it wasn't love at first pose, as with so many other teachers I know. Instead, I found it weird and uncomfortable. But I did enjoy the stretching and I slept great the night after practice, which was no small feat for a mom with an active toddler at the time! My initial discomfort in yoga practice gives me a great understanding of students who are new to practice. I do my best to make my classes super-accessible and welcoming, not weird or intimidating.

Yoga teacher training led me to my second love, Ayurveda, yoga's sister science. Ayurveda is the practical way of bringing balance and harmony back into our lives through daily habits and other practices. In 2021, I earned an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Certificate through Yoga International. 

I've recently been deepening my intuition through Tarot and Oracle Card reading, and have finished all my course work for the Certified Card Reader curriculum through Hay House. Tarot has given me insight to even more authentic teaching, and the wisdom of the Tarot has given me the ability to help guide others through challenges they've been facing. I find Tarot to be an invaluable tool in tapping into Spirit and returning to wholeness.

When not teaching, practicing, or reading about spiritual practices, I also enjoy cooking, gardening, watching all kinds of sports and hanging out with my family.

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