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5 Myths About Yoga

It's very strange to me that there are so many misconceptions about the practice of yoga. When I give people my "elevator speech" about why yoga is right for every BODY, some like to tell me why they are somehow different and can't do yoga. I call BS! Everyone can do yoga, you just have to find the right practice, one that works with you not against you. Here are the top 5 excuses I hear, and why they aren't true.

1- "I can't do yoga, I can't even touch my toes!" AKA "I'm not flexible enough for yoga."

Mythbuster: Yoga is an ancient wisdom practice that helps you lead a more present and thoughtful life. It has nothing to do with flexibility! Sure, the typical yoga practice has stretching, and it does make you feel your body. But the practice also teaches you acceptance so you are free to enjoy your body and what it can do without feeling the need to force yourself into a pretzel.

2- "I don't have time to try yoga." or "Yoga doesn't fit in my schedule."

Mythbuster: I get it, we're busy. But the funny thing about time is that we always make time for the things that matter. What if you actually created more time (and space) in your life by practicing yoga? I found out very early in my practice that the centering and calm that I felt after practicing yoga made me a LOT more productive. I actually got more done on days with yoga vs. days without. Yoga fits into any schedule, you just have to be disciplined and prioritize.

3- "My days for that kind of physical activity are long gone." AKA "I think I'm too old, too heavy, too [insert your favorite criticism of yourself here] for yoga."

Mythbuster: Remember when I said yoga is for everybody? I mean EVERYBODY. One benefit of practicing yoga is learning to be more present and easeful in life. Couldn't everyone benefit from more ease? So instead of focusing on the physical aspect of the practice, find yourself a class or teacher that meets you where you are. Accessible classes are becoming more popular, so much that it's even a movement. Check out

4- "Yoga is too hard." and its twin sister "Yoga is too easy."

Mythbuster: Again, I ask what are you looking for in your practice? Your practice should fit you. There are a gazillion styles of yoga. If your looking for an easier style look for descriptions that include "Gentle" or "Hatha." If you want harder, look for "Power" or "Vinyasa." No matter what the style it will include a chance to tune in to you, and will let you relax at the end. Still unsure which style suits you best? Try this quiz to help you decide

5- "Yoga is too hippie-dippie for me," which is really saying, "the yoga scene makes me uncomfortable."

Mythbuster: Maybe when yoga first came to the west it was adopted by mostly hippies, but the yoga community has really changed over the past 50 years. Again, it comes back to finding the right class, teacher, and space in which to practice. If you're more comfortable at the REC center start there, or take a free class at a studio that seems like it fits you. Some studios still make me uncomfortable, too. I don't like lots of incense, or a snooty front desk worker. So ask around, read reviews, look at websites. There is a place for you.

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תגובה אחת

Ah, very true! I wish I started yoga when my life was busier, specially when my children were just toddlers.

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