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A Return to Wholeness

The idea of healing has taken on new meaning for me since I listened to a podcast by Rebecca Campbell. She described healing as an ongoing journey rather than a final destination. With this new perspective, healing can transform into a dynamic, ever-shifting balancing act that keeps us feeling our best. We won’t one day wake up “healed” because each day brings unique challenges and opportunities for growth, and healing is always happening.

I love this concept so much for a few reasons. First, it falls in line with the concept of Ayurveda (which you all know I love!) Ayurveda, or life science, is about recognizing imbalances, and working back to equilibrium. The methods included are all potential healing methods such as dietary choices, nature's rhythms, yoga, and meditation.

Another thing I love is how a never-ending healing journey releases the idea of perfection. No longer are we burdened with eating perfectly, doing the right yoga practice, or finding the perfect meditation in order to finally reach the elusive state of being “healed.” If the journey is fluid and ever-evolving, then the pursuit of an exact target becomes unnecessary. There’s a lot of freedom that comes with the lack of perfection.

Finally, the idea of returning to wholeness emphasizes the significance of the journey itself. We can find enjoyment and fulfillment in every step of the process. This openness also fosters a willingness to experiment with different healing modalities and new ways of finding balance.

Of course, navigating your personal path to wholeness, even on a day-to-day basis, requires intuition, knowing yourself, and perhaps some external guidance. If you are struggling on your healing journey, I be honored to offer my assistance. I have recently completed a Tarot and Oracle Card Reading Course, which has been a crucial part of my personal healing journey. Using the Tarot has helped me gain clarity, guidance, and confidence aligned with my own path.

If you’re interested in a low-cost, high-value opportunity, then reach out via email to schedule a card-reading appointment. Please note that the number of slots at this price is limited, so contact me today!

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