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Embrace the Endings

As the New Year approaches, we're bombarded by the “New Year, New You” messaging, which I personally find to be a ridiculous notion. I’ve never been a fan of resolutions, and can’t seem to make the simple turn of the calendar illicit meaningful change in my life. I also can’t stand diet culture, and refuse to get behind the idea that our bodies or ourselves aren’t good enough, even great, just as they are today.


However, what I can absolutely get behind this time of year, is the natural rhythm of the seasons. And the Winter Solstice, in its most traditional sense, has always been a time for reflection and letting go. Here are a few tips to help you get started on your personal Solstice Celebration:


1. A Year in Review: Reflect through journaling, sketching, or even simply thinking about the things you’ve experienced during the past year. What things stand out? Are you able to recognize achievements as well as the hardships? Can you recognize any defining moments of growth?


2. Practice of Letting Go: Look to nature and see how the trees have willingly released their leaves. You, too, can explore the liberating practice of letting go. What attachments are you holding too tight? Is there anything that’s hindering your evolution? When you let go of something unhelpful or that no longer serves you, the Universe fills the void with new things that will help us along our path.


3. Mindful Meditation: If you still have trouble with letting go, you can practice it one thought at a time during meditation. Here is my Stream Meditation for Letting Go.


4. Rituals for the Solstice: Here’s a great video of a Solstice ritual to help you with letting go of the old and setting an intention for the future. It involves making decorations that are infused with your intentions, so great for us crafters as well!


Following the cyclical nature of life helps us to recognize each ending paves the way for a fresh beginning. I wish you a transition time full of gratitude, acceptance, and the promise of wonderful new things ahead.

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