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How to Recover from Burn Out

Are you feeling less than enthusiastic about the end of summer? Maybe you’ve been running around with your hair on fire trying to get everything done before summer’s through, or maybe you’ve already burnt out and are spending more time on the couch lumping and loafing. Either way, the end of summer is primo time to experience burn out, especially if you’re pitta dosha. However, even if you’re not predominately pitta dosha, you can still burn out. Remember everyone has some pitta inside, so we can all feel this way sometimes.

Read on for my top ways to feel better quick and recover from burn out:

1- Rest. I know it seems obvious, but clearing your calendar and treating yourself gently can be just what you need to get back to your dynamic self. Sit, read, meditate, watch the birds, do anything that feeds your spirit, but isn’t too taxing or active. What you do is less important than your intention behind it, which is - take care of yourself, quietly and gently.

2- Rejuvenate. Build ojas (translated as vigor, ojas is the subtle essence of all vital fluids thus responsible for our vitality) by doing a more gentle style of yoga, practicing yoga nidra, and/or meditating. Being in nature also builds ojas, so take leisurely walks outside during the cool of the morning or lounge near a body of water. This is not the time for hard-core workouts. Find something that will help you feel whole again.

3- Eat simply. Digestion isn’t as strong in the summer, so we need to eat foods that digest easily to help us feel lighter. Avoid anything spicy or cold and opt for warm vegetable soup or kitchari. And don’t forget to add fat. Fat equals Love in Ayurveda. Good fats to add to your diet in the summer are ghee, coconut oil, coconut milk, goat cheese, and avocados.

4- Connect. Nothing feeds the spirit like human connection. Not to counteract the ideas of R&R, reach out for an easy conversation, share a meal, or enjoy a laugh. People you love are happy to help you recharge. Careful not to overschedule! See #1 above.

I hope these tips will help you come back into balance before leaping into fall’s commitments.

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