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Sad and/or Anxious? Tips for Feeling Better Fast

We’ve all felt the feelings of being sad or anxious, and sometimes both simultaneously. These emotions are natural and must be acknowledged. But, when they persist for too long, and you start to feel overwhelmed, it’s time to take action.

You are composed of mind, body, and spirit, and it’s crucial to cultivate their harmony. These are not separate entities but rather interconnected parts that contribute to your overall well-being. However sometimes the mind can become detached, leading us to over-identify with our thoughts. When this happens, it’s best to get back into integrity quickly.

My favorite way to get back into my body is yoga, of course. But, if there’s not a time or a space for yoga practice, there are other ways of connecting with the body. Activities like walking outdoors, doing squats, lying on the ground, taking baths, or engaging in any sensory experience that diverts your attention from the incessant thoughts in your mind can be effective.

After tending to the body, you’ll next tap into your heart space, Anahata Chakra. The ego, and its fear-based ways, is from the head. Your highest self is firmly rooted in your heart. So, you can literally tap the front of the sternum with your fingertips in order to “tap into the heart.” Take some deep breaths as you tap, and afterwards close your eyes, and breathe while feeling the aftereffects of the tapping.

After tapping the heart, you can take a passive heart opener by making a “heart bench” with blocks. One block under the bottom tips of the shoulder blades, and one block under the head while lying face up on the floor. This support can help you further focus on your heart space, and symbolically opens you up to the space of truest Self.

As you continue to direct your attention to your body, your mind will gradually tune in, replacing unhelpful thoughts. However, sometimes physical practices alone may not suffice, and journaling or writing can be used to release and process your thoughts. This is just one more way to nurture the mind.

Finally, to engage your spirit, identify activities to bring you joy in the present moment. I know this can seem like a monumental task, but you can do it! Tap into your intuition, or revisit something that made you joyous when you were a child. As children we were closest to our highest Self, before life inundated us with duties and expectations. What lit you up and made your heart sing? Engage in those things to tap into spirit.

Once you become familiar with these steps, you can quickly and profoundly shift your emotions when needed. Again, it’s important to immediately disregard feelings of sadness and anxiety. Spiritual bypassing is just as harmful as remaining in a state of sadness or nervousness. But when the emotions last for too long, it’s nice to have some tools to help yourself back into ease.

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