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Simple Ways to Navigate Life's Changes with Ease

Change is inevitable, a part of life, and the only constant. But accepting change is not always easy, and some changes are not welcome. One thing’s for sure, the more we try to fight change, the more rigid and unhappy we become. When facing changes, rather than falling into fight, flight, or freeze, here are some practical ways to welcome change into your life and foster a sense of peace.

1- Embrace Spirituality. Commit to a spiritual practice that fosters your connection with the Divine. Your practice should be whatever makes you feel great, AND can be done every day. Prayer, yoga, meditation, journaling, and reading uplifting texts are just a few options. Make sure whatever you choose to do can be done in 15 minutes or fewer, so you stick with it. Of course, you can spend more time if you like, but only after you’ve established the daily habit.

2- Prioritize Self-Care. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential. Much like your spirituality practices, self-care is what fills you up and helps you to maintain your sense of well-being. Try a leisurely bath, read a good book, garden, prepare nourishing meals, or find any hobby that brings you great joy.

3- Cultivate Mindfulness. Intentionally adding attention to any moment can turn even the most mundane tasks into an opportunity for relaxation or even growth. Drop the idea that multitasking is better, and do one mindful chore at a time. Use as many senses as possible to pull yourself into every moment. Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

4- Explore. Trying new things is where growth happens. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone so you don’t become stagnant or complacent. Anything new will help you to release dopamine, which is one of the brain’s feel-good chemicals associated with reward and pleasure.

5- Find Community. Engage with, create, or join groups of like-minded people going through similar transitions. Connection is a major part of being human and staying healthy. Plus, your friend (community) group can offer encouragement and guidance through the tough times and the good. We all need a cheering section!

I hope some or all of these tips will help you navigate any ongoing or upcoming changes in your life. And, if you find them helpful, please share with a friend or loved one.

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