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Wellness Tips for August

As the sun continues to dance high in the sky, we turn our attention to the bountiful season of August! With the sun in Leo most of the month, the energy tends to be playful, dramatic, and uplifting. Here are Five Wellness Tips that will help you savor of the last full month of summer AND feel your best:

1. Beneficial alignments are happening. We already began with the Full Moon on August 1, but no worries if you missed it, there’s another one this month on August 30. That’s right, it’s a Blue Moon month (which is rare, hence the saying.) The second full moon will be in Pisces, so it’s ripe for building your intuition. But before the Blue Moon, we have a new moon in Leo on August 16. This double-Leo energy is great for both creativity and courage. It’s a good time to tackle creative projects that you’ve been fearful of starting—write the book, sign up for the art class, pick up the dusty instrument. You may find it’s easier than ever now.

2. Meditate on water, in water, or imagining water. Water soothes and cools fiery Pitta energy. So, if you can’t take a dip in a body of water, start meditating on one. Take a few minutes to settle and watch your breath, then imagine a crystal clear, still lake located at your second chakra in your pelvic bowl. Imagining the moon reflecting on the lake can be a nice addition for cooling potential. Each thought can be a small ripple, but then allow the lake to become still again. Spend 10 (or more) minutes on this meditation.

3. Take your yoga outside. Also soothing for Pitta is earth energy. By lying our mat directly on the earth we can add a healing dimension to our practice. Just make sure it’s during the cool times of the day so as not to get overheated.

4. Shitali Pranayama is a cooling breath that works quickly. If you’re not sure of how to practice Shitali, then you can check out my short tutorial HERE.

5. Try a Blueberry Cooler for breakfast. This is my favorite breakfast all summer long! Place in a blender: ½ cup coconut water, 2 Tablespoons chia seeds, 1 date (cut up), 1 cup blueberries, a few fresh mint leaves. Blend for 30-45 seconds. This chia pudding will thicken over time, so you may have to use a spoon. Enjoy!

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