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Wellness Tips for July

Welcome to July! We are still in Pitta season, so there’s more fire and water energy prevalent. It’s now even more important to take steps to alleviate the heat and its potential impacts to our physical and mental well-being. When there’s an excessive amount of Pitta, we can experience irritability, anger, judgment, heartburn, loose stools, skin rashes, acne, and inflammation just to name a few. Here are some strategies to maintain balance and avoid becoming symptomatic.

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you’re outside and sweating. In fact, you could use coconut water as an all-natural post workout electrolyte replacement (instead of artificial sports drinks). Coconut water also has lots of potassium which is missing from many people’s diets. Be sure to read the ingredients and ensure there is only one ingredient, coconut water, and no added preservatives or sweeteners.

  2. Take cool showers or baths. Both can help lower your body temperature quickly. Plus, water is clearing for your energy field, so it’s especially helpful if you are recovering from a bout of anger.

  3. Modify your yoga practice. Now is the time to practice yoga in a way that cultivates a sense of calm. Adopt a non-goal-oriented approach and work at 70% of your capacity. Allow your practice to be effortless and comfortable. And spend more time in Savasana as lying longer on the earth helps to balance the fire energy.

  4. Avoid spicy, fried, sour and/or salty foods. All of these foods generate excessive heat in the body. Instead, focus on foods that are naturally refreshing and hydrating such as juicy fruits and fresh vegetables.

  5. Dedicate your evenings to relaxation. Summer is synonymous with leisurely days. Take advantage of this time to soak in the pool (or bathtub), immerse yourself in a romance novel, or enjoy a tranquil stroll after a light dinner. Engage in activities that promote a sense of calm.

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