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Wellness Tips for May

Updated: May 17, 2023

As a shoulder-season month, May begins as a true mix of both Kapha and Pitta. These swings in temperature mean your self-care and food choices might change daily depending on the weather and energetic atmosphere. For instance, if you find that you are feeling sluggish and unmotivated and the weather has been damp and chilly, then you want to soothe Kapha with some sweaty exercise and spicy food. However, if you are feeling irritable or burnt out, and the weather has been warm and humid, then you want to soothe Pitta with relaxation and gentle movement. Here are a few of my previous articles about Kapha and Pitta balancing. By the end of the month, we tend to be more consistently in Pitta season, so we'll cover Pitta more in-depth next month. For now, here are my Tips for May:

1- Lean into a low-fat, high veggie diet. As the winter comes to a close, we don’t need as much fat to keep us warm, and our body is ready to shed any excess. An austere diet with extra veggies will help us prepare for the upcoming heat of summer. Try to eat less, 75% of your normal fullness level, to help burn get rid of any excess left from feasting season (fall through the holidays).

2- Visit the farmer’s market to see what’s in season now. Buying from the farmer’s market is the best way to ensure you’re eating seasonally and giving your body the nutrients it needs this time of year.

3- Take up Pranayama. Did you know one of the main ways the body expels fat is through the breath? Deep breathing lets it happen faster. Better yet, try Nadi Shodhana, Alternate Nostril Breathing, with or without retention. Nadi Shodhana is a great way to come into balance no matter the weather or your constitution. See how to practice Nadi Shodhana here.

4- Move your body every day. The type of movement may vary, but spring is time of rebirth and renewal, and those things don’t happen when stagnant. Enjoy a walking meditation, or a new exercise routine, anything that will be fun and get you moving.

5- Take advantage of the Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 5th at 1:33pm local time. This event takes place in Scorpio, which is the planet of transformation, while the sun is in Taurus, the sign of fertility and birth. With the eclipse amplifying these planetary alignments, this may be the best time for freeing yourself from the habits and bonds that are holding you back so that you may give birth to a new time in your life. Spend some time journaling, meditating, or simply dreaming about the next best version of yourself. Live with intention and attention!

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