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Why Meditation Practice Difficult to Maintain? (Especially for Beginners)

Here are my top three reasons people find it difficult to stick with a daily meditation practice:

Making changes to our lives is HARD. Even when we know something is good for us, or we should do it, it’s easier to (insert the thing you spend time doing to relax) than to start meditating. It takes discipline to change. We have to choose to do it, and stick to it. If you choose to try a daily practice, tie the new habit to one you already do every day, like going to bed or waking up. Set a timer and spend two minutes sitting. Watch your breath. Gaze at a candle or flower (anything pleasant). Listen to sounds. When “thinking” interrupts you, turn back to your chosen object of focus. Doing so is the beginning of meditating every day, and you’ve only spent two minutes on it. EVERYONE can spend two minutes on something new.

We’re not seeing “results”. We expect profound changes when we pick up this new habit of meditating, and when we don’t see them, we give up. We assume the practice isn’t working. Instead of thinking you will suddenly have a mind that’s clear and thought-free, adjust your expectations. Notice how you feel on the days you practice vs. the days you don’t. Is there a little more ease? Do you have more patience? Do your coworkers annoy you less? It can be a small result, and you have to look for them and experiment. The benefits of meditation grow over time. It’s definitely not a quick fix.

We try to do to much. We set the timer for 20 minutes because that’s what somebody recommended, and we give up after one. DO NOT do this to yourself. Start with two minutes. Start with one if that’s what you need in order to build consistency and the habit. Too much is the enemy of any new habit. Make the practice fit into your life instead of rearranging your life to fit in the practice.

I love meditation, and believe EVERYONE would benefit from a daily sit. Let me know how I can support you on your meditation journey by dropping me an email.

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