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Chakras 101

Your Seven Energy Centers

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Have you ever noticed the feeling in the pit of your stomach after receiving exciting news? How about when your heart aches and feels heavy after learning of the loss of a loved one? In yoga, these sensations are explained by the connection of such events to our subtle energy system known as the chakras. Chakra is translated to “Wheel”, and there are seven major wheels of energy within each of us. These wheels have different attributes and are associated with different parts of our body. When put together the energy makes up our whole way of being and living in this world. The whole chakra system together is an organized way of looking at all the parts that make us embodied humans and understanding what makes each one of us special. This energy system is also an important part of how we show up in the world. So if you are “off”, your chakra system might be, too. In this course, we will learn about each chakra in turn, for a total of 7 weeks. You will learn: • What the 7 chakras are, where they are located, and their attributes • Exercises, meditations, and/or techniques to build awareness of each energy center • Yoga poses and breathing techniques meant to “balance” each chakra • How to determine which chakra to focus on for healing • How life events and things outside of our control can disrupt the free flow of energy • How to use the energy of the chakra system to find more ease and balance in your life Each class is recorded with the replay links active for 6 months after the final class. Here is a summary of each week's focus: Week 1- Root Chakra, meeting our basic needs, Week 2- Sacral Chakra, recognizing our need to create Week 3- Navel Chakra, owning our personal power Week 4- Heart Chakra, opening up to love and compassion Week 5- Throat Chakra, speaking our truth Week 6- Third Eye Chakra, taping into intuition Week 7- Crown Chakra, connecting with the divine

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