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New Moon Manifesting

New Moons are powerful, and we're about to have one tomorrow, February 9, 2024! This is the best time to manifest what we'd like to bring into our lives. But manifesting our dreams can't happen when we're stuck focusing on how hard things are, or how we aren't getting what we want. When we are in this negative space all we can do is dwell on the negative. It takes a conscious effort to start shifting to the more positive potentials. Here are a few ways to get you there:


1. Start recognizing there is another potential. Question everything, especially your thoughts. Constantly ask yourself "is this true, and can I prove that it is true?" For instance, you believe you can't make more money, so you ask is that true? If the answer is, "no, I can make more money but I have to change jobs." Then you have some direction. You have an actionable item rather than a downward spiraling thought.


2. Once you start slowing down and questioning the negative pulling thoughts, you can start adding new possibilities. "I can't make more money" becomes "I can see where there is potential to make more money." Or even, "I might actually be able to make more money."


3. Now you're ready to start moving towards the positive. Spend a little time each day dreaming, maybe through writing or walking. What would it feel like if I made more money? What sorts of things would I do and say? Taking time each day focusing on the dream starts to shift the energy and you can become like a magnet.


It's simple, but not easy. Beginning this process when the New Moon in Aquarius is playful and dreamy is bound to give you an extra boost. Give it a try and let me know if you want to talk more about manifesting your dreams!

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