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Wellbeing Tips for June

Welcome to June, and the beginning of Pitta season (at least here in the DMV)! Pitta is all about the fire energy with a hint of water, so it's time to begin thinking about how to tame the heat. We have a few months before heat accumulation happens. So, for now enjoy the warmth and all the delicious foods that begin coming in earnest this season. Here are my tips for June:

1- The Full Moon in Sagittarius happens on Saturday night, June 3, at 11:41 EST. The energy around this Strawberry Moon, as it is commonly called, is communication and fun! It’s a great time to go on a local adventure or a big trip. Be generous with others in every way. The Sagittarius moon also helps you connect to your higher Self, so spend some time meditating on spaciousness.

2- June is a great time for clearing clutter out from your life. Clearing clutter makes room for new treasures and treats in your life, you can even find new ways of being in the world when you create the space. Clutter comes in all forms, not just physical. Consider how you may be collecting old habits, thought patterns, worn out friendships, and other things that aren’t serving you or helping you be the best version of yourself. Time to consciously let go to make room for new things!

3- Cooling foods can start to be introduced to your regular diet, especially if you tend to run hot. Anything coconut is great, from milk to water, to the meat itself. Other great choices are dates, berries, melon, summer squash, cucumbers, lime, mint, cilantro, fennel, and basil. Because of the way they digest, eat all melons alone never near meals by at least an hour.

4- Consider how you’ll celebrate the Summer Solstice, happening on Wednesday, June 21 at 10:58 a.m. The longest day of the year has long been a time of celebration in cultures throughout the world and through history. It’s a great time to have a special friends and family meal, use the firepit, or create mandalas out of flowers and herbs. You could even join me at Sun and Moon that morning at 10 a.m., as I have a special practice planned! The class can be viewed via recording if you can’t make it live or in person. Sign up here, or just come to the studio early to register.

5- Start to take evening walks after dinner. As summer heat ramps up, you may find that you’re hiding in the a/c more often. Getting outside every day is important! Take advantage of the cooler time of the day to get outside and wind down. Also, walking after meals has amazing health benefits such as lowering blood sugar and helping to burn fat. Read more here.

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