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Wellness Tips for January

While I’m thankful for a mild winter so far, I know January always brings colder, quieter days and long nights. Just like nature, we are called to move inside and slow down. It’s important that we take time to rejuvenate and rest so that we are ready to bloom again in the spring. Here are a few ways for you to embrace January:


1. Harmonize with Nature. Embrace the true start of the winter season by aligning your daily routine with the rhythm of nature. Rise with the sun, indulge in warming foods, and allow plenty of time for rest by going to bed early.


2. Sip hot tea in the afternoon. The ritual of making tea helps us to slow down and become more mindful. Ginger tea is especially warming and anti-inflammatory, while Tulsi tea is excellent for dispelling the winter blues. If you’re interested in delicious, local, and organic tea, I recommend It’s such a sweet and fun little shop located in Sperryville, VA, but you can order online if you don’t want to make the trip.


3. Create a sacred space. If you haven’t given any thought to the place where you practice yoga, meditation, or self care, it’s time to set up your sacred space. Bring in things you love, like cushy fabrics, candles, meaningful trinkets, and/or crystals to add a visual representation of your sacred inner work. Your environment should inspire you and bring a sense of serenity. Let it be your sanctuary.


4. Digital Detox. Winter is a great time to be off the screen. Intentionally turn off screens an hour or two before bedtime, and reconnect with your inner self instead. You can read a good book, start a conversation with a loved one, journal, or take a leisurely bath.


5. Gratitude Walks to Connect with Nature. Even though it’s cold, we still need to get outside. Bundle up, and spend at least fifteen minutes walking. While outside let your senses connect with all the nature around you. Use as many of your senses as possible. Feel the earth beneath your feet, smell the cold air, take in all the colors of the trees, listen to the rustling of creatures in the leaves, and allow gratitude to fill your heart.


I hope you have a cozy month! 

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